Next Year

With this year’s Selenium Conf recently wrapped up, we are setting our sights on next year. Where will it be? Well, that’s an interesting question…

Spin The Globe

Every year we (the Selenium Conf Workshorse Committee — a.k.a. the conference planning committee which is comprised entirely of volunteers) has a conversation about this. This conversation typically starts with a few of us at the end Se Conf and spills over into bi-weekly planning calls with everyone that we hold on Google Hangouts.

The fundamental premise is this — 1 year in the Americas, another year somewhere else. If you look through the conference’s history and note each year’s location you can see this trend plain as day.

– 2011: San Francisco, USA
– 2012: London, UK
– 2013: Boston, USA
– 2014: Bangalore, IND
– 2015: Portland, USA

So, we just had it in the US. For 2016 we’re looking at someplace overseas to take it. And ideally, someplace we haven’t been before. Right now the list is narrowed down to 3 cities that were chosen largely based on their robust tech & testing communities:

– Berlin, Germany
– Sydney, Australia
– Tel Aviv, Israel

In order to successfully have a conference overseas we’ve found it’s best to find a host company that can do a lot of the heavy lifting that goes into on-the-ground logistics (as well as taking on legal & financial responsibility). If you know of any companies that are willing to help out in these cities, let us know.

One More Thing…

India has one of the largest Selenium Communities in the world, and Selenium Conf in India was an overwhelming success. That’s why we think Selenium Conf should happen there every year.

So starting in 2016, it’s going to happen. In addition to our big bang Selenium Conf (a.k.a. “the” Selenium Conf), there will also be a Selenium Conf happening in India (a.k.a. “a” Selenium Conf).

Update: Selenium Conf India 2016 will be June 24-26 in Bangalore, India. Tickets are on sale now and the call for speakers is open! Go here for details.


As things progress we’ll post the occasional update on the official Selenium blog, but the best way to stay informed is to sign up for the Selenium Conf mailing list. You can do that by placing your email address in the form below and clicking the button.