Workshop – Advanced Appium 2.0

During this full-day workshop, you’ll learn about advanced concepts in Appium. We will learn how to write a single script for Android, iOS, and mobile web apps. Once our tests are established, we will work on the framework design and report. We will also have a detailed look at how can we automate various mobile gestures using Actions API and mobile endpoints in Appium. The workshop will be based on the latest Appium’s Java client.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Overview
    • Appium 2.0 Architecture
    • Locating elements using Inspector
    • Platform-wise Desired Capabilities
    • Start Appium Server programmatically
    • Understanding Appium server logs
    • Appium driver and plugin commands
    • Managing dependencies in Appium 2.0
  • Gestures
    • A deeper understanding of Gestures
    • Run through various gestures like Swipe, LongPress, Double-tap, Drag, and Drop using a w3c spec
    • Explore mobile: endpoints for the same gestures on both Android and iOS
    • Create our own complex gestures using the above endpoints
  • Practical Tips
    • Different ways to locater strategy for iOS and Android
    • Automation Hybrid application – Tips & Tricks
    • Video recording API
    • Simulate SMS only for Android
    • Run ADB shell commands via Appium
    • Seeding Photos on iOS-Simulator and Android
  • Appium Plugins
    • What is a Plugin?
    • How to build one using a plugin template?
  • Parallelize Tests
    • Understanding Appium Server Session
    • Desired Capabilities changes required to run tests in parallel
    • Using Appium Plugins to run tests in parallel on both android and iOS devices/simulators.

Learning Outcome

  • Attendees will come away with knowledge of how to automate Android native apps with Appium.
  • Running tests single-threaded, in parallel, and distributed.
  • Also capturing critical report data (logs, screenshots, and video), and
  • Running mobile tests on a cloud test service.

Target Audience

QA, Automation Testers, Dev Engineers


  • It is mandatory to refresh your basic Appium skills as it is an intermediate to advanced Appium workshop

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