Pre-Conference Workshops

Make the most of your SeleniumConf Chicago 2023 experience and join us for one of our practical pre-conference workshops. Each workshop is a full-day event led by expert practitioners in Selenium, Appium and automated testing.  Pre-conference workshops will be hosted on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at the same venue as the 2-day conference. You must purchase a Conference + Workshop ticket to participate, and select from one of the following sessions. Don’t forget to bring your laptop!

Selenium Deep Dive

Selenium WebDriver v4 was released in October, 2021. This latest version of Selenium brings new features and capabilities for test and browser automation, while also including features that have been changed or deprecated. If you want to migrate from Selenium v3 to v4, or want to learn and implement advanced capabilities and best practices for web automation, or simply want to automate tests for your web applications using WebDriver but just don’t know where to start, this practical, hands-on session is for you! Designed to help automation engineers at all levels of experience, all participants will leave with working Selenium WebDriver code on their machines and many techniques to successfully use the Selenium WebDriver API in their own context.

Workshop Leader: Titus Fortner, Sr. Developer Experience Engineer at Sauce Labs and Selenium Project Core Committer. Learn more.

Driving Observability with Selenium Grid 4

Selenium Grid can be a bit daunting to get up and running. Starting it is quite easy, but using it effectively can require pulling in third-party tools. In this workshop we’ll cover how to run your grid effectively, using best practices culled from several large grid installations.

Workshop Leader: Manoj Kumar, VP, Developer Relations at LambdaTest and Selenium Project Leadership Committee member. Learn more.

Advanced Appium 2.0

In this workshop attendees will learn about advanced concepts in Appium, the open source standard for testing mobile apps and mobile websites. Participants will learn how to write a single script for Android, iOS, and mobile web apps. Once these tests have been established, you will work on the framework design and report. You will also have a detailed look at how can we automate various mobile gestures using Actions API and mobile endpoints in Appium. The workshop will be based on the latest Appium’s Java client.

Workshop Leaders: Srini Sekar & Sai Krishna, Lead Consultants at ThoughtworksLearn more.