videos & slides

Videos & Slides

All presentation recordings are now available on the SeleniumConf YouTube channel and via the links below. As we receive slides from the presenters we will update these links as well. Looking for photographs from the event? Here you go!

  • Selenium: State of the Union (Diego Molina) Slides | Recording
  • Missed Opportunities: When Quality is Put in a Box (Erika Chestnut) Slides | Recording
  • What Exactly Do You Do in Test Automation? (Mark Winteringham) Slides | Recording
  • Component Testing with WebdriverIO (Christian Bromann) Slides | Recording
  • Why Browser Engines ≠ Real Desktop Browsers ≠ Mobile Browsers (David Burns) Slides | Recording
  • Selenium Manager: Automated Driver & Browser Management for Selenium WebDriver (Boni Garcia) Slides | Recording
  • What’s New and Good in Selenium (Corina Pip) Slides | Recording
  • Creating Faster and More Reliable Web Tests with Blended Testing (Jan Molak) Slides | Recording
  • Building Functional Quality Gates with ReportPortal (Dmitriy Gumeniuk) Slides | Recording
  • Python Selenium: Fundamentals to Frameworks (with SeleniumBase) (Michael Mintz) Slides | Recording
  • Identifying Code Smells (Benjamin Bischoff) Slides | Recording
  • Managing the Test Data Nightmare (Andy Knight) Slides | Recording
  • WebDriver BiDi + Selenium. Why and How? (Maksim Sadym) Slides | Recording
  • Testing with Real Robots Over the Internet: What Could Go Wrong? (Jason Huggins) Slides | Recording
  • Selenium in the Clouds: Using Cloud Service Providers with Selenium WebDriver (Josh Grant) Slides | Recording
  • Selenium Grid Deployment Alternatives: Scaling & Adding Video Recording Without Container Orchestration (Eric Frankenberger) Slides | Recording
  • Do You Use Selenium Only for Test Automation? (Robin Gupta) Slides | Recording
  • Evolve Your Selenium Scripts Into Performance Scripts (Roger Abelenda) Slides | Recording
  • Declarative UTAM Page Objects (Liza Ivanova) – Slides | Recording
  • All You Need to Know About Crawlers (Noemi Ferrara) – Slides | Recording
  • Metrics to Make Your Quality Practices Effective (Anand Bagmar) – Slides | Recording
  • Solving Unemployment in Africa with Selenium and Testing (Ibironke Yekinni) – Slides | Recording
  • Using a Proxy to Create a Full Stack Automation Suite (Bijoya Chatterjee) – Slides | Recording
  • UNTestable: It’s Just Pressing a Button, How Hard Could it Be? (Shi Ling Tai) – Slides | Recording
  • Lightning Talk: Build, Test and Deploy a Web Page Using Al (Nikolay Advolodkin) – Recording
  • Lightning Talk:Automating Accessibility: Is it Really Possible? (Tamar Schapira) – Recording
  • Lightning Talk: The State of Selenium IDE (Todd Tarsi) – Recording
  • Lightning Talk: Power Shell + Selenium = More Than Just Testing (Jessica Wikholm) – Recording
  • Lightning Talk: Prism: A Cool Tool to Mock Your API (Adam Goucher) – Recording
  • Lightning Talk: Selenium Grid: Relay Node (Marcus Merrell) – Recording
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